San Choy bow

San Choy Bow

San Choy Bow  1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil1 large brown onion500 g 17.6 oz. lean pork mince200 g 7 oz. mushroom, finely diced250 g 8.8 oz. bean shoots2 Tbsp oyster sauce1 lebanese cucumber (sliced)2 to matoes (cut into…
Cherry Ripe Iceblocks
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Cherry Ripe Ice Blocks

Cherry Ripe Iceblocks ½ cup greek yoghurt1 tbsp cocoa powder1 tbsp chia seeds2 ½ cups frozen cherries½ cup milk of choice1 tbsp nut butter2 tbsp maple syrup2 tbsp coconut flakesGarnish (optional)Coconut flakes50 g Melted…
Wholemeal Raspberry Muffins
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Wholemeal Raspberry Muffins

Wholemeal Raspberry Muffins 2 1/4 cups Wholemeal flour1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder½ teaspoon baking soda1/2 cup rice bran oil½ cup honey2 eggs (preferably at room temperature)1 cup buttermilk2 teaspoons vanilla extractZest…
Chicken Nuggets
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Healthier Chicken Nuggets

Healthier Chicken Nuggets Chicken nuggets... with a serving of veg? What could be better! 500 g Chicken Breast1 zucchini1 carrot3/4 cup breadcrumbs1 Tbsp dried oregano1 egg1 Tbsp chia seeds Preheat the oven to 180C. Line…

Why NO foods should be off limits…

You know that little black dress you’ve been eyeing off for weeks? You will probably buy it. You will prance around the house giving the kids and the hubby a fashion parade. You will wear it every time you leave the house for the next month,…
Weetabix Slice

Chocolate Weet-bix Slice

Chocolate Weet-bix Slice 3 Weetabix1 cup desiccated coconut¼ cup caster sugar1 cup SR flour2 Tbsp cacao150 g butter (melted)Icing:¼ cup dark chocolate melts2 Tbsp milk¼ cup Greek yoghurt3 Tbsp cocoa powder Preheat…
Creamy Pesto Pasta

Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta

  Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta The perfect family meal made in just 20mins. With a rich creamy sauce and loaded with delicious flavour and vegetables! 500 g Chicken thigh (diced)1 brown onion (diced)1 zucchini (grated)1…
Breaky Smoothie
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Banana Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

  Strawberry Banana Breaky Smoothie A Delicious nourishing breakfast smoothie with everything your kids need to fuel their day! 1 banana (frozen)1/3 cup rolled Oats6 Strawberries1 small zucchini1/4 cup greek Yoghurt1…
lemon weetabix slice
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Lemon Weetabix Slice

    Lemon Weetabix Slice Use up those old weetabix in the cupboard with this delicious healthy slice. 3 Weetabix (crushed)100 g butter3 tbsp. rice malt syrup1 cup shredded coconut1 cup rolled oats¾ cup plain…