Crispy Veggie Fritters
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Crispy Vegetable Fritters

Crispy Veggie Fritters 1 cup carrot (grated)1 cup corn kernels (frozen or canned)1 ⅓ quinoa (cooked)2 egg1 cup almond meal1/2 cup milk2 tsp cumin3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil2 cups rocket1 avocado (peeled and cubed)1/2…
salmon Patties
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Sweet Potato Salmon Patties

  Sweet Potato Salmon Patties Delicious gluten salmon patties that are made in minutes. They are extremely versatile and great for kids lunch boxes. 415 g tin of salmon400 g Sweet potato2 eggs3/4 cup almond meal1/4…
Savoury Muffins
Mini Beef Sliders

Mini Beef Sliders

Don't be fooled by these mini beef sliders, they are packed with the good stuff (aka veggies!). There are two serves of veggies in the burger patties alone! They are perfect for little hands to pick up and still loaded with veggies and…