creamy vegetarian curry

Creamy Vegetarian Lentil Curry

Creamy vegetarian lentil curry 1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 brown Onion (diced)1 Large Sweet potato2 Tbsp Curry powder400 g Tin tomatoes400 g Coconut milk1 cup water2 x 400g Brown lentils (drained)200 g Green beans (ends…

Thai Green Chicken Curry

This is one of the last recipes I developed in celebration of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. Together with 9 other ambassadors, we had the privilege of putting our twist on 10 of Jamie Oliver's Recipes and sharing them over on his website…
Thai Penang Curry

Penang Chicken Curry

     Penang Curry A taste of thailand in just 20mins! Super quick and easy dinner solution and perfect to freeze leftovers! 1 tbsp Olive Oil1 brown onion (finely chopped)500 g chicken thighs (cut into cubes)300 g pumpkin…