Serving up Snacks and Sweets

Wednesday, 27th July, 8pm AEST

Do you feel like a snack slave to your kids?

Are they constantly wanting to graze throughout the day, and you have no idea how to stop it?

As parents, you want to make sure your kids eat well and never goes hungry. From trying to get them to eat some vegetables, to simply finding something that they will eat, mealtimes can be a trying time.

But have you ever stopped to think that it could be the snacks that are messing up your mealtimes?

Serving up Snacks and Sweets with Confidence

With this workshop you will learn how remove the battles and stop your kids from constantly grazing and ruining their appetite! Learn how to serve up snacks and sweets that works with their mealtimes not against them.


Serving up Sweets and Snacks with Good Little Eaters

Serve up with confidence

Walk away knowing exactly how and when to serve up snacks to your kids (and how to stop them constantly asking for more!)

Complement your mealtimes

Tips on how to use snacks and sweets to your advantage when it comes to trying new foods, ensuring your kids are getting the nutrients they need and eat enough throughout the day!

Stop the guilt about packaged snacks

Better understand packaged snacks and sweets and just how and when to include them in your kids diet to help them develop a healthy relationship with them (aka stop the binging later in life!)

Serving up snacks and sweets doesn’t have to be hard or frustrating.

I have something special for you…

A 90minute LIVE workshop that is designed to help you serve up snacks and sweets to your kids with confidence to nourish and complement their mealtimes.


$47 AUD

This includes:

+ Snack Workbook

+ 30min LIVE Q+A

+ Lifetime Access to the recording

Reserve your spot now!

Hi, I’m Shelley!

A Paediatric Nutritionist with over 10 years’ experience in the field. I have a Bachelor of Nutrition and food science and a Masters in Public Health Nutrition. As the founder of Good Littler eaters, a hub for parents to become confident feeding their kids, I have helped hundreds of parents take the overwhelm out of their mealtimes and get their child eating and trying new foods (without the battles!).

I love to understand the reasons that children behave in certain ways at mealtimes.

I use my experience in children’s behaviour, psychology, and nutrition to turn complex nutrition science and mealtime behavioural science into actionable steps so you can transform your mealtimes and help your kids develop healthy relationships with all food!


I believe you its never too early to start preparing for your kids mealtimes (and snack times in this case!). This workshop with equip you with the knowledge and confidence to serve up sweets and snacks to your kids from the get go. 

Yes! Not only will you get access to the recording for life, you will also have the opportunity to submit questions before the workshop. And if you have any after than you can pop them up in our facebook group!

Its online! Which means you can cuddle up on the couch with your favourite hot drink and learn in comfort!

Woohoo! As soon as you register you’ll be taken to a checkout page where you can plunk in your details.

Then, you’ll get an email from me with your Snack Workshop Dashboard login info where you can access the LIVE workshop link, workbook and where the recording will sit after the workshop!

Great! Send me an email at hello@goodlittleeaters.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Book your ticket today and start serving snacks and sweets with confidence!